The Healing Powers of Nature

Often I am in deep thought about life in general.  Sometimes it's specific events and situations that have occured, sometimes negative sometimes positive.  I've noticed that it has been more natural to focus on the negative things that happen and dwell there for a while, even though it's not helpful. What I'm learning more and more is that when I am out in nature, even for 5 minutes, I realize how small my "problems" are and observing the wonder around me makes me feel safe in a way. 

I look at the trees and how mature they are - the slow process of their growth but how magnificently they have grown and continue to grow.  I look at the squirrels and birds just going about their day,  knowing what exactly they want to do and where to go.  I look at the clouds and how they move across the sky, so effortlessly.  And no  matter how cloudy it is, I know the sun is always there, beyond the clouds, shining brightly.  Nature is so amazing with little/no help from us.  Nothing about it is man-made and to me that's the power of the universe. To know that I am of that same energy makes me happy, confident, strong, and excited to move forward.  Nature reminds me that my own physical body has functions that I don't have to constantly think about - breathing, blood pumping, food digesting, cells regenerating, nutrients absorbing, all the 5 senses just kind of doing their thing constantly.  It's so amazing.  It's then when I am reminded of the power my cells have to heal my own body.  To relieve the stress I hold.  To release the pain I insist feeling. My body is constantly working towards my utmost wellness and it's up to me to just allow it to be. 

With the weather getting nicer I look forward to being outdoors more often to continue my wellness through nature. To connect with the ultimate healing powers of the universe. Nature heals all ailments, big and small.  Thank you, universe for the constant reminder of all the good that surounds me in my life.  I am so grateful for life.

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